Genesis Biotech

The company Genesis Biotech is certified by the National Energy Regulatory Authority as a producer of electric and thermal energy - No. 1223/2013 and supplier of electric energy - No. 2353/2022, in accordance with the legislation in force.

The company produces more than 7 million cubic meters of biogas annually, which are converted into electricity and heat using state-of-the-art cogeneration technologies.

Through our electricity supply services, we address all categories of customers and consider the specific features of the electricity market, which is a dynamic and competitive market, with strong suppliers.

Address: Str. Gării, nr.660L - Filipeștii de Pădure, Prahova
tax number: RO 28130620
Commercial Register: J29/326/2011



To meet the specific needs of the clients, we have created offers for both domestic and business customers.



Customized offers for sustainable business!

We approach companies with customized offers that add value to meet sustainability standards. If you would like to receive such an offer, please email us at and we shall contact you immediately.

Please find below both the standard price offer for business clients and the general conditions for contracting electricity supply services.



Sustainable behavior starts at home!

We support people who choose to be sustainable in their daily activities and want to use electricity generated by processing biodegradable waste in their homes. For this category of customers we have a special set of conditions for contracting our electricity supply services, in accordance with current legislation.

Please find below both the standard price offer for household customers and the general contracting conditions.


POSF is the online platform for changing the electricity and gas supplier at national level, whose operator is ANRE.

Through the POSF, the end-customer can compare existing offers, choose the right supply offer and then send the supplier all the necessary documentation to conclude the new contract. The supplier can be changed within 24 hours after the new contract is concluded.

Go to the "Energy Supply" page under the category "Genesis Biotech offers" and you will find all the necessary information for customers. Select your customer category and fill in the form to receive a customized offer or use the contact details to get in touch with us.

A green certificate is a title that proves that a certain amount of electricity comes from renewable resources. The Romanian state supports investors to adopt green, renewable energy and the green certificate is a guarantee that they can market the product in a legal framework.

Thus, electricity suppliers are obliged to have a certain share of renewable energy. To meet the green certificate quota, suppliers buy green certificates from producers.

The guarantee of origin is the electronic document proving that a quantity of energy supplied to a consumer was produced from renewable sources.

Electricity labelling refers to all the activities that electricity suppliers carry out to inform their customers about how each primary energy source contributes to the energy supplied. The labels also explain the environmental impact of renewable energy production. You can see our energy label below.

This is the amount that each electricity consumer owes monthly for the promotion and development of energy production. The purpose of the contribution is to increase energy efficiency and improve the security of energy supply on the Romanian energy market.

If your place of consumption has changed, please send us an e-mail to the address on the "Contact" page, together with the documents proving this change.

Something went wrong? We want to continuously improve our services, so go to the "Useful Information" page, in the "Useful documents for download" section. Find out here how to send a complaint and how quickly we will get back to you with a response.

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