At Genesis Biopartner, we are committed to an important mission: to contribute to the transition to a circular economy, where resources are recovered, reused and recycled to minimize waste and environmental impact. The circular economy is an innovative and essential concept for fighting against climate change and conserving natural resources.

The circular economy is an economic model based on the principle of "production, use, regeneration and reuse". This involves:

Economie circulară la Genesis Biopartner Before
Economie circulară la Genesis Biopartner After

Waste minimization

In the circular economy, the aim is to minimize waste by designing products and processes so that they are sustainable and easy to reuse or recycle.

Recycling and re-use

Raw materials and products are recycled and reused in as many cycles as possible to reduce the need of extracting new resources.

Extending the life of products

Quality, durable and easy-to-repair products are promoted, in order to extend their lifetime.

Responsible production

The use of renewable resources, recycled materials and sustainable production are emphasized.



Genesis Biopartner is a pioneer in biodegradable organic waste management and biogas production. Through our biogas production plants, we convert food and organic waste into renewable energy. This is how we contribute to the circular economy:

Collection and recycling of organic waste

We collect organic waste from various industries, including food industry, hotels and restaurants, converting this waste into biogas and digestate (organic fertilizer).

Generating of renewable energy

The biogas produced is used to produce electricity and heat that can supply local households and businesses. This energy helps to reduce carbon emissions and diversify energy sources.

Turning waste into resources

The resulting digestate from the biogas production process becomes a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. It can be used in agriculture to improve soil quality and support plant growth.

Efficient waste management

We reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and prevent soil and groundwater pollution.

Through these actions, Genesis Biopartner promotes a sustainable business model and actively contributes to the circular economy in Romania. We are dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting a world where renewable energy, efficient recycling and the circular economy become the norm.