The story of
Genesis Biopartner

Watch the video to discover the Genesis Biopartner's story with Horia Bărdeanu, CEO, a visionary leader who managed to unite people and create an extraordinary team.

Genesis Biopartner shows how innovative biodegradable waste management can have a significant impact upon CO2 reduction and environmental conservation. By converting waste into renewable energy, the company contributes to the global efforts to combat climate change and protect the environment for future generations.

Reciclate/oră 6,25 t.
-3,2 t. CO2e
+2 MWh
Reciclate/zi 150 t.
-75 t. CO2e
+48 MWh
Reciclate/lună 4 500 t.
-2 250 t. CO2e
+1 400 MWh
Reciclate/an 54 000 t.
-27 000 t. CO2e
+17 000 MWh
  • Electricity production (MWh)
  • Carbon footprint reduction (tons CO2e)
  • Recycled biodegradable waste (tons)

+ 11 years experience


54 000 t./year

recycled waste

17 000 MWh/year


- 27 000 t./year

carbon footprint

7 mil. m3/year




At Genesis Biopartner, we are committed to taking responsibility for waste management in an innovative and sustainable way. We efficiently collect biodegradable organic waste from various sectors, from food to hospitality industry and retailers, and transform it into a valuable resource: renewable energy.

With each tonne of waste processed, we help you sustainably dispose of unused feedstock and contribute to your sustainability goals by turning it into biogas and then into green energy.

Discover how we turn waste into energy and support circular economy initiatives, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.



At Genesis Biopartner, we do not stop at collecting and processing biodegradable organic waste, but go one step further by providing electricity from the biogas produced through this innovative process. This not only helps us to manage waste responsibly, but also to supply power to businesses, households and the electricity grid. This is an efficient and sustainable way to recover waste and provide green energy to the community we are part of.


At Genesis Biopartner, we are always on the move and constantly working to innovate renewable energy production. Here you'll find the latest news, breaking information and interesting articles to keep you up to date with industry developments and our contributions to a sustainable future.
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