Holding established to invest in the development of a large portfolio of renewable energy production plants in cogeneration, from biogas, throughout Romania, using biodegradable organic waste as raw material, with a positive effect on environmental protection.

Genesis Biotech, which owns the biogas plant located in Filipeștii de Pădure, Prahova County, collects and recycles biodegradable organic food waste from production, distribution and trade. We continuously offer sustainable, competitive and durable solutions for the environment and for our partners.

Ge nesis a aniversat 10 ani de la punerea în funcțiune a stației de biogaz, care a avut inițial o capacitate de 1MW, iar în anul 2021 a trecut printr-un proces de modernizare și dublarea a capacității de cogenerare la 2MW.

Genesis Biopartner

The market leader in operating biogas plants offers waste management consultancy, high availability, operability and makes use of biodegradable waste with a major impact on environmental protection.

The investment in the biogas plant amounted to more than 10 million euros and is a project initiated, developed and fully financed by Genesis Biopartner.

Project Implementation

The implementation of the project, unique in Romania so far, started in June 2012 with the aim to produce renewable electric and thermal energy using organic substrate (green mass from agriculture and biodegradable organic waste).

This project is at the basis of the development of three priority areas in Romania: energy, agriculture and environmental protection.

Initially founded in 2006 by Michael Dietrich as a construction company, Baupartner has grown over time into a holding, which includes several companies active in the fields of construction, renewable energy and real estate development, both in Romania and internationally.

+90.000 MWh electricity produced and delivered to the National Energy System

+70.000 MWh thermal energy produced and delivered

+72.000 operating hours in the biogas area

+200.000 tonnes of biodegradable organic waste collected and recycled

+170.000 tonnes of organic fertilizer from the biogas plant activity

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Our achievements have been recognized by competent institutions, such as Interreg Europe or European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. This is largely due to our customer-focused team, our technical skills and our tailor-made approach to all customer needs.

Example of good practice within the BIOREGIO project,
Interreg Europe platform

Example of good practice within the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform