Waste Processing & Treatment

Renewable energy helps preserving natural resources.

We recycle around 60.000 tonnes of food waste every year. Using processed feedstock, our biogas plant generates electricity for around 6.000 households, replacing nuclear power and coal.

Fermentation Line

Biogas digesters separate micro-organisms, carbohydrates and proteins from food and skim waste into simple organic elements such as peptides or fatty acids. Temperature and pH value play an important role here. Millions of bacteria convert in several steps intermediate products into acetic acid and, finally, into methane (biogas). After desulphurization and cleaning, the biogas is used in cogeneration units to generate electricity and heat.

Electricity & Heat Production

More than 6,5 million cubic meters of biogas are produced annually, which is converted into electricity and heat using state-of-the-art cogeneration technologies.

Digestate – Processing and Storage

At the end of the fermentation process we obtain digestate, a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. By doing this, we return to nature a valuable product   for agricultural lands, thus complying with the basic principles of the Circular Economy.