... non/contaminated waste from retail, canteens and food industry

Whether we have in mind a fast-food chain or Michelin-starred restaurants, food waste is inevitable. Non-compliant products and waste from the food industry must be properly recorded and disposed of. Our company guarantees these services and you can track their route in real time.

... animal waste (SNCU)

Genesis Biopartner also deals with the safe disposal of by-products from abattoirs and we offer complete services for butcheries all over Romania. Our main goal is to recycle the collected products to the highest standards and meet the needs of all our customers.

... vegetables, fruit and bakery products

Products that can no longer be sold (packed or unpacked) such as overripe fruit, processed vegetables, stale bread are all goods that Genesis Biopartner collects. All these products are transformed in our biogas plant into sustainable energy and fertilizer for farmland.

... fats, oils and various types of liquid impurities from processing

Food waste collection is an everyday fact of life for food producers, the hospitality industry and small and medium-sized businesses; whether it is used cooking oil or by-products from abattoirs, Genesis Biopartner ensures that the collected organic waste is turned into Green Energy.

We offer services for a sustainable development


Collection of biodegradable organic waste

Integrated traceability of the collected waste

Waste management consultancy

Energy from organic waste recovery

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