The biogas plant in Filipeștii de Pădure

Genesis BIOPARTNER, a Romanian holding company formed by the partnership of Baupartner Romania and Vireo Energy Sweden, has built the first Romanian biogas-based cogeneration renewable energy production plant.

The biogas plant built in Filipeștii de Pădure, Prahova, is a project initiated, developed and financed entirely by Genesis Biopartner and has a capacity of 1MW/h electric energy and 1,2MW/h thermal energy and processes a quantity of 49 tons of organic substrate, and the project involved an investment of approximately 5.000.000 Euro. The implementation of the project, unique in Romania so far, began in June 2012 in order to produce renewable (electric and thermal energy), in cogeneration, by using organic substrate (vegetable and, subsequently, organic waste) in the site area. The innovation of this project consists (biogas)in the supply to a partner of the thermal energy produced by the cogeneration plant, the production of baseload electricity, the predictable supply (over 8000 operating hours / year),), as well as the possibility of energy storage (biogas).
This project is the basis for the development of three priority areas in Romania: energy, agriculture and environmental protection, and the biogas station for renewable energy in cogeneration is suitable for any industrial consumer who uses thermal energy (hot water, technological steam, hot air).

Our first beneficiary is the cold meats factory CrisTim. The partnership between Genesis Biopartner and CrisTim has been built by identifying common goals that offer benefits to both partners. For Genesis Biopartner, the partnership consists of selling its thermal energy produced by the cogeneration plant, while CrisTim benefits from lower costs for thermal energy production, as well as more efficient management of meat processing waste.